XRS6 6mm X-ray Shutter


Current Lead Time: 4 – 5 weeks


Click to view the XRS6 datasheet, which features mechanical and electrical specifications, timing data, and technical drawings.

The Uniblitz XRS6 has been designed specifically for x-ray switching applications. The innovative platinum-iridium (PtIr) blade design allows beam extinction of 90% up to 30 keV x-ray energy (based upon the tenth value extinction of PtIr). The XRS6 is well suited for applications such as x-ray crystallography, medical x-ray imaging, etc.

Uni-stable shutter devices, like the XRS6, require power to hold the blades in the open state.

As of May 1, 2019, the 7-pin Female Mating connector is no longer included with purchase. Purchase 7-pin Female Mating Connector.

*The “For use in Vacuum” option will equip the shutter with encapsulated coils for vacuum levels up to 10-6 Torr. The housing, connector, and electronic sync options cannot be selected from the product builder when “For use in Vacuum” is applied as these options are not vacuum compatible and may cause outgassing. For higher vacuum-rated applications, or questions, please contact us.

Key Features

Check out the XRS6 datasheet for additional information regarding features and specifications.

  • 6mm aperture
  • Uni-stable operation
  • Capable of blocking x-ray energy (30 KeV)
  • Slim, low-profile form-factor
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Transfer time on opening: 3.2 milliseconds
  • Total opening time: 4.4 milliseconds
  • Configured for the VCM-D1 Shutter Driver


XRS6 Datasheet Download
3D Models
XRS6 3D Models (Housed, unhoused, normally open – STEP files included in ZIP) Download

Additional information

Driver Compatibility




Electronic Sync.




For use in Vacuum*



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