Blade Options

Vincent Associates offers various types of shutter blade coatings and materials, each suitable for certain applications. Our standard shutter blade options are: Teflon (T), AiSiO (Z), AlMgF2 (ZM). In addition, PtIr (P) blades come standard on the XRS series x-ray shutters, and C-PET (C) blades are standard on the FS series and MS series optical shutters.

Trying to decide which blade option will work best for your laser application? Contact for assistance and provide the following details: CW or Pulsed Laser, Beam size (mm), Wavelength(nm), CW Power(Watts), Pulse Energy(Joules), Pulse Width (seconds), Pulse Frequency (Hz).


A blade’s reflectance indicates its ability or inability to reflect light at various wavelengths. For example, shutters used in laser systems should be equipped with blades that offer high reflectance in the visible spectrum, as the reflectance of the blades limits potential wear from the laser. The graphic to the right shows that both Uniblitz Z and ZM blades are suitable in this situation, but each blade option has a particular range within the visible spectrum where its reflectance is slightly higher.

Conversely, your application might require that the blades reflect little to no light. In this case, we suggest our T blade option.

Shuttering X-rays with Platinum-Iridium Alloy

The Uniblitz XRS Series shutters come standard with platinum-iridium (PtIr) blades (“P” blades), allowing for a beam extinction of 90% at up to 30 keV x-ray energy.