D880C Shutter Driver

The D880C is available by special order only, and may be subject to minimum order quantities. Please contact us for additional information.


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The DSS20B is available by special order only, and may be subject to minimum order quantities. Please contact us for additional information.

The Uniblitz D880C is an open-frame, uni-stable shutter driver utilizing constant current control which has shown to increase shutter life time over standard capacitive discharge types. It is well-suited for integration into OEM applications when paired with a large selection of Uniblitz shutters (all compatible shutter devices will require the “E” option (“For use with VED24 or D880C”) in order to properly operate with the D880C).

Simple external connections to the D880C are made through the pluggable input/output screw terminal connector. This enables the D880C to be quickly connected/disconnected without having to remove any wires connected to the terminal block.

Control of the D880C requires that the user supplies a TTL (5V) logic level to the trigger input or connecting a mechanical or electronic switch between the trigger input and +6.75 VDC.

See the D880C User Manual for additional information regarding this device. The D880C is RoHS compliant.

What’s Included

  • D880C Shutter Driver
  • Manual (included on flash drive)
  • 710P Shutter Interconnect Cable

A power supply is not included with this device.

Shutter Compatibility

 VS14 1  LS2 1  CS25 1  XRS6 1
 VS25 1  LS3 1  CS35 1  XRS14 1
 VS35 1  LS6 1  CS45 1  XRS25 1, 2
 CS65 1
 CS90 1


1 Will require “E” option (“For use with VED24 or D880C”) for D880C compatibility.

2 Will require two drivers for operation.


Don’t see your device listed above? Please contact us for information regarding the compatibility of other shutter devices.


System Characteristics
Repeat Exposure Minimum time between exposures is determined by shutter used and open close pulse duration.
Shutter Drive Continuously variable frequency of exposures from DC to the shutter in operation maximum rate.
Pulse Current: 1.2A
Hold Current: 300mA
General Size (HWD) 1.00 x 3.20 x 4.00 inches (25.4 x 81.2 x 101.0 mm)
Weight 3.00 oz (0.09 Kg)
Power input: +24VDC at 1.5A (user supplied)
RoHS Compliant


Board Mechanical Layout

P1 Connections
Pin 1 Input +24 VDC (Regulated)
Pin 2
Passive Power Ground
Pin 3 Output Sync control; White wire of 710P
Pin 4 Output +6.75 VDC (Regulated); Blue wire of 710P
Pin 5 Input Sync control; Orange wire of 710P
Pin 6 Passive Sync Ground; Green wire of 710P
Pin 7 Output Shutter (A); Red wire of 710P
Pin 8 Output Shutter (B); Black wire of 710P
Pin 9 Passive Ground when shunt in JP2 Pins 1,2; Brown wire of 710P/ Input: 7.4 VDC (600 mA) when shunt in JP2 Pins 3,4
Pin 10 Input Trigger Input
Pin 11 Passive Signal Ground
Pin 12 Output Electronic sync output



  • P1 connections: Proper JP1 selection must be made for proper shutter operation. Please see “Jumper Selections” below.
  • Pins 3, 4, 5, 6: Used only when shutter is equipped with electronic sync.
  • Pin 9: Used for shutter frame grounding or external low voltage input, jumper selectable.
  • Pin 12: Active-high or active-low output when electronic sync is activated, jumper selectable.
  • Pin 10: Trigger input: Minimum voltage 1.5 VDC, maximum voltage 20 VDC, active-high only. P1 plug is removable.


Jumper Selections

Jumper selections are shown in the drawings above illustrating jumper positions for selected shutter used, pin #9 input selection, and the state of the Electronic Sync’s output. The D880C will be factory preset to the shutter used in your particular application. Shutters used with the D880C will require the installation of the “E” stop which allows a shutter to achieve an increased lifetime.


D880C Datasheet Download
D880C Manual (v 2.00 Rev D) Download