VS35 35mm Optical Shutter (Clearance)


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Since these items are on clearance, they may contain scuffs and/or scratches that will not affect their operation or function. Limited quantity available. Stock and clearance products are sold AS IS and ship within 1 – 3 business days.

The Uniblitz VS35 has been designed to provide accurate, repeatable exposures for a wide variety of applications. The VS series shutters have been successfully field tested in microscopy, video imaging, PMT protection, and photographic applications worldwide.

These clearance VS35s are available in a handful of configurations. Please see the “Available Part Numbers” table below for more information.

Uni-stable shutter devices, like the VS35, require power to hold the blades in the open state (though some of these clearance devices may be custom-configured for “normally open” operation).

Click here for specifications and other technical information regarding the standard VS35.


Key Features

    • 35mm aperture
    • Uni-stable operation
    • Small, slim form-factor
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Transfer time on opening: 13.0 milliseconds
    • Total opening time: 18.0 milliseconds


Available Part Numbers

Part Number Product Information
VS35S1ZM1R1-SD 35mm Shutter, for use with VCM-D1, AlMgF2 (ZM) coated blades, R1 High Temp Option with Y-cut
VS35S1T0LR1-EC-SD 35mm Shutter, for use with VCM-D1,Teflon® coated blades, 18″ Flying leads, un-housed, R1 High Temp Option, EC Vacuum Option
VSR35E1T0-SD 35mm Shutter, for use with D880C/VED24, Normally Open, Teflon® coated blades, un-housed
VS35S2ZM0-SD 35mm Shutter, for use with VCM-D1, AlMgF2 (ZM) coated blades, Housed
VS35S2ZM1-SD 35mm Shutter, for use with VCM-D1, AlMgF2 (ZM) coated blades, Housed, with Electronic Sync

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