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Current Lead Time: 3 – 4 weeks

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**PLEASE NOTE** Uniblitz AI25 cannot be connected directly to a PC, this unit requires the AIC10 Iris Controller or Customer Created Driver solution; see Direct Control documentation for further details.

The Uniblitz AI25 is a motorized iris diaphragm (auto iris) that allows for the remote control of a variable 25 mm aperture. This electronically-controlled aperture is ideal for remote light attenuation or depth-of-field control. The iris’s aperture closes down to 1.5 mm, and an optional shutter attachment allows users to fully close the aperture.

The AI25’s low-profile form-factor means that it can be used in applications where spacial limitations are a consideration. An optional housing is available which gives the AI25 a compact package with no externally protruding components and two flat mounting surfaces.

Current Lead Time: 3 – 4 weeks

Uniblitz AI25 Motorized Iris Diaphragm (Side)
Uniblitz AI25 Motorized Iris Diaphragm (Side)
Uniblitz AI25 Motorized Iris Diaphragm (Housed)
Uniblitz AI25 Motorized Iris Diaphragm (Housed)

Key Features

  • Operation Range: 1.5 – 25.0 mm
  • Closing speed: 0.22 seconds
  • Resolution (mm/step): 0.44 ± 0.33
  • Low-profile form-factor
  • Optional high speed shutter attachment available
  • Optional iris/shutter housing available
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Configured for the AIC10 Iris Controller


Weight (Un-housed) Weight (W/ Shutter) Weight (Housed W/ Shutter) Operating
Number of Iris Blades
1.31 oz (37.20 g) 2.00 oz (56.80 g) 5.82 oz (164.90 g) -10 – +65 °C 7


Number of Steps 1 Resolution (mm/step) Operation Range (mm) Closing Speed (min to max)
54 0.44 ± 0.33 1.5 – 25.0 0.22 seconds


1 A step is equal to a single movement of the iris blades/aperture (while in the “Fine” resolution mode).


Iris Control Options


Shutter Timing (when equipped)


The question regarding enhancement of shutter speed with the application of user supplied lubricants has been repeatedly asked. It is our experience that lubricating the shutter blades will actually slow the shutter down and eventually render the shutter inoperable. Under no circumstances should any type of lubricant be applied to the shutter blade area.

DSS25B (w/ AIC10 and Teflon® coated blades) Time (msec.)
O – A:     Delay time on opening after current applied 13.2
A – C: Transfer time on opening 12.6
O – C: Total opening time 25.8
C – E: Min. dwell time with min. input pulse 23.2
B – F: Min. equivalent exp. time 36.6
D – E: Delay time on closing after current applied 14.0
E – G: Transfer time on closing 14.0
A – G: Total window time 50.8
MET: Min. exposure time 35.0
TEP: Typical exposure pulse >35.0


Technical Drawings

AI25S1T (Un-housed – w/ Shutter Attachment)

Uniblitz AI25S1T Motorized Iris Diaphragm Technical Drawing

AI25N1T (Un-housed)

Uniblitz AI25N1T Motorized Iris Diaphragm Technical Drawing

AI25S6T (Housed – w/ Shutter Attachment)

Uniblitz AI25S6T Motorized Iris Diaphragm Technical Drawing

AI25 Pin Connections

Uniblitz AI25S1T Motorized Iris Diaphragm Technical Drawing


AI25 Datasheet Download
AI25 and AIC10 Product Overview Download
AIC10 User Manual (v 1.4) Download
AI25 Direct Control Guide Download


3D Models
AI25 3D Models (STEP files included in ZIP) Download

Additional information

Blade Option



Shutter Attachment

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