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AI25 Auto Iris

Available Fall 2017

Introducing the all-new AI25 1.5 – 25.0mm Auto Iris. Coming soon.

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The Uniblitz AI25 is a motorized iris diaphragm (auto iris) that allows for the remote control of a variable 25 mm aperture. This electronically-controlled aperture is ideal for remote light attenuation or depth-of-field control. The iris’s aperture closes down to 1.5 mm, and an optional shutter attachment allows users to fully close the aperture.

The AI25’s low-profile form-factor means that it can be used in applications where spacial limitations are a consideration. An optional housing is available which gives the AI25 a compact package with no externally protruding components and two flat mounting surfaces.

Uniblitz AI25N1T 25 mm Motorized Iris Diaphragm (Auto Iris)
AI25N1T – AI25 unhoused with no shutter attachement
Uniblitz AI25S6T 25 mm Motorized Iris Diaphragm (Auto Iris)
AI25S6T – AI25 with housing and shutter attachement


Key Features

  • Operation Range: 1.5 – 25.0 mm
  • Closing speed: 0.22 seconds
  • Resolution (mm/step): 0.44 ± 0.06
  • Low-profile form-factor
  • Optional high speed shutter attachment available
  • Optional iris/shutter housing available
  • RoHS Compliant


AI25 and AIC10 Product Overview Download