What’s New at Vincent Associates, May 2024

Celebrating 55 Years

May kicks off Vincent Associates’ 55th anniversary as a member of the optics industry. In 1969, Vincent Associates shipped the first Uniblitz® electronic shutter, and in the years since we have established ourselves as a leader in manufacturing electronic shutter systems for customers all over the world. Uniblitz is not just a brand—it is also a commitment to the quality, performance, and reliability that our customers rightfully expect from our unmatched products. Please help us in celebrating this milestone with a 10% coupon code (for online orders only) during the month of May: Use code VAINC55 at checkout. Here’s to another 55 years!

Join us at SPIE Optics + Photonics 2024

SPIE Optics + Photonics 2024
We’ll be showcasing the latest in Uniblitz technology at this live event in San Diego, California.

August 20 – 22, 2024
Booth number: 624

Vacuum-Compatible LS Shutters Available From Our Website

The “For use in Vacuum” option will equip the shutter with encapsulated coils for vacuum levels up to 10-6 Torr. For higher vacuum-rated applications, or questions, please contact us.

Uniblitz LS3 Unhoused, 3mm Laser Shutter

The Uniblitz® DSS20 is Back

The Uniblitz® DSS20 is a 20mm bi-stable optical shutter that features an extremely low-profile construction. The device’s lack of an external protruding actuator makes it very slim and flexible for system integration. The inherent reliability of the DSS20B comes from the fact that it contains only two moving parts: the drive ring and the blades. It is guaranteed to operate for 2,000,000 operations. This shutter is once again available and part of our standard catalog – no special order or MOQ required!

The Uniblitz® ES6B’s New Guarantee

The Uniblitz® ES6B now has a guaranteed lifetime of 50,000,000 actuations! The Uniblitz ES6B is a 6mm bi-stable laser shutter with a very low-profile construction. The lack of an external protruding actuator makes it very slim and flexible for system integration. Precision exposure control and laser switching are applications that benefit greatly from the precise, highly repeatable characteristics of the ES shutter series.

Uniblitz ES6B 6mm Laser Shutter

Value Packs are Now Available

Value packs are now available for our Uniblitz® FS series shutters (in 6mm or 25mm apertures), and they include a Uniblitz® VLM1 Interface module. These value packs offer a complete shutter system that can quickly and easily be set up for tabletop/lab use. There are no optional substitutions available, and value packs are only available for purchase from our website.