What’s New at Vincent Associates

As everyone around the world can attest, 2020 has brought many challenges. Here at Vincent Associates, we continue to strive to maintain production and move forward with new products:

FS Series High-Value Shutters

The Uniblitz FS series shutters are designed and optimized to operate directly from +5VDC and do not require a separate driver. Removing the +5VDC (0VDC) closes these shutters. They are currently available in 25mm and 35mm aperture sizes.

MS150B 150mm Large-Format Shutter

Uniblitz MS150B 150mm Optical Shutter

The Uniblitz MS150B is a 150mm bi-stable shutter suitable for large scale imaging systems. Bi-stable shutter devices, like the MS150B, require no power to hold the blades in either the open or closed state. This shutter contains an on-board drive circuit where a user must provide a +12VDC power supply and a pulse width determined (+5V TTL) exposure pulse.

Un-housed LS series Laser Shutters

Uniblitz LS6 Unhoused, 6mm Laser Shutter

The LS series is ideal for precision exposure control, laser switching along with low level laser chopping, pulse gating, selection, and modulation to 400Hz. The LS Series, which is available in 2mm, 3mm, and 6mm aperture sizes, is our fastest shutter series and is now available un-housed as a standard option. The versatile un-housed option allows for quick OEM integration and can be driven with many of our standard driver options. Please note, all LS series shutters are now provided with 5-pin connectors.

All of these products are now available for sale from our website, but feel free to contact us at info@uniblitz.com for more information. Moving forward, many new and exciting products/updates are coming into fruition. We will continue to provide updates on our website and social media. Thank you to all of our customers for your continued business and for keeping us going during these unprecedented times.