MS150B 150mm Optical Shutter


Current Lead Time: 8 – 10 weeks
*Contact for further information regarding the MS150 Shutter Series*

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Current Lead Time: 8 – 10 weeks

*Contact for further information regarding the MS150 Shutter Series*

The Uniblitz MS150B is a 150mm bi-stable shutter suitable for large scale imaging systems or where a large optical path needs to be reduced to zero transmittance. The shutter’s lifetime is around 500,000 cycles – high for an aperture of its size – and its blades are low mass, highly emissive, and positioned to avoid collisions during operation. With the on-board drive circuit, a user must only provide a +12VDC power supply and a pulse width determined (+5V TTL) exposure pulse.

Bi-stable shutter devices, like the MS150B, require no power to hold the blades in either the open or closed state.


Standard Features

  • Large 150mm aperture
  • On-board drive circuit and dual synchronization system
  • Stainless steel & aluminum construction
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Transfer time on opening: 225.0 milliseconds
  • Total opening time: 225.0 milliseconds



For additional technical information please see the MS150B Optical Shutter Datasheet.

Supply Voltage Required Supply Current Recommended Pulse Width Determined Exposure Min. Pulse Width for Full Open
+12 VDC 2.0 A Active High +5V TTL 300 msec.


Weight Operating Temp. Max. Freq. of Operation Number of Shutter Blades
60.00 oz (1.70 kg) -40 – +65 °C 1.0 Hz 4



Shutter Timing


The question regarding enhancement of shutter speed with the application of user supplied lubricants has been repeatedly asked. It is our experience that lubricating the shutter blades will actually slow the shutter down and eventually render the shutter inoperable. Under no circumstances should any type of lubricant be applied to the shutter blade area.


MS150B (w/ 12VDC and C-PET blades) Time (msec.)
O-A: Delay time on opening after current applied 13.0
A-C: Transfer time on opening 225.0
D-E: Delay time on closing after current applied 13.0
E-G: Transfer time on closing 225.0
MET: Min. exposure time 300.0
TEP: Typical exposure pulse 300.0


Technical Drawings

Technical Drawing – MS150B



MS150B Datasheet Download
Connection and Operation Information of the MS150B Download
Emissivity of “C” Blade Type Download


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