UNIBLITZ FS Series Shutters & VLM1 Interface Module

The FS25 and FS35 uni-stable optical shutters from Vincent Associates®, manufacturer of UNIBLITZ® shutter systems, are now available for use with our new VLM1/VLM1B Interface Module.

+5VDC directly across the coil opens the shutter, while removing the +5VDC (0VDC) closes the shutter. A simple control circuit can be used to operate the shutter device from a TTL trigger pulse.  

This control be also accomplished with our new VLM1/VLM1B Interface Modules. These units, for use exclusively with our FS shutter series, are for applications that require remote operation of the shutter from a TTL signal or USB interface. The FS series, when used with the VLM1/VLM1B interface modules, is a high-value optical shutter system capable of flexible integration into an array of different applications.