Introducing the FS Series Shutters

Vincent Associates is proud to announce our exciting new product: the FS Series shutter. The new FS25 and FS35 Uni-stable Optical Shutters are designed and optimized to operate directly from +5VDC and do not require a separate driver.

The New UNIBLITZ FS series shutter provides the flexibility and low-cost to fit into numerous customer requirements, from the Optical Bench to OEM applications. The FS25 and FS35 shutter series (25mm and 35mm apertures) requires +5VDC directly across the coil to open the shutter. Removing the +5VDC (0VDC) closes the shutter. A simple control circuit can be used to operate the shutter device from a TTL trigger pulse. This control can be also accomplished with our new VLM1, TTL control interface, which will available soon. This low-cost innovation provides the reliability of UNIBLITZ® shutters (typical lifetime >300K cycles) at a single operating voltage.

Key Preliminary features include:

  • Operation at +5VDC (open and hold) – Two wire operation, 18-inch flying leads for connection to the actuator coil
  • Black carbon impregnated plastic (C-PET) shutter blades (5 each) and can handle up to 100°C
  • Default closed operation, +5VDC opens the shutter, 0VDC closes the shutter
  • Black anodized Aluminum mount (included) provides multiple mounting options, including 30mm cage systems
  • Operating temperature range -40°C to +50°C

These products are scheduled to be released in Fall 2019. Please contact us for more details.

This data is preliminary and therefore contains information and technical data that is subject to change.