Vincent Associates Celebrates 50 Years

Rochester, New York – March 14, 2019 – Vincent Associates®, the manufacturer of Uniblitz® Shutter Systems, announces that 2019 is the company’s 50th year in business.

The company’s commitment to providing quality state-of-the-art electronic shutter products to the photonics, health science, photography, film, robotics, defense, and aerospace industries has made reaching this milestone possible. Founded by Andrew W. Vincent in 1969, Vincent Associates continues the tradition of focusing on their core competency: Performance shutters and shutter drive systems.

The Uniblitz shutter can be considered a “light gate:” The device reliably allows light to pass through an aperture for a determined amount of time, or exposure. These performance shutter devices, however, go far beyond the shutters one might find used in consumer handheld cameras. Uniblitz shutters are typically considered to be core components within, for example, extremely high-end imaging systems such as space telescopes or x-ray machines. In these settings, reliability is paramount, and this is one of many areas where Uniblitz systems stand on top. In fact, the ES6B laser shutter, one of the latest additions to the Uniblitz product line, is guaranteed to achieve at least 25,000,000 actuations.

In 2010, the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) launched the PICARD satellite with a mission to study the Sun and further understand the effects of solar activity on Earth’s climate. Using a Uniblitz VS35 optical shutter, PICARD captured over 1.3 million photographs of the Sun. This reliability has furthermore led Uniblitz shutter systems to control lasers for eye surgery, or camera exposures for aerial photography. Even the film industry has seen the potential of these systems, with Uniblitz shutters being used in stop motion animation and high-speed motion capture.

It’s clear that 50 years of business has resulted in an impressive portfolio of shuttering solutions: From the high-speed capture of insects in flight to the study of Halley’s comet onboard the Vega space probes, there’s a long list of customer applications that shed light on Vincent Associates’ contributions to the scientific community and beyond.

Vincent Associates® is the manufacturer of Uniblitz® electronic shutters and shutter drive systems based in Rochester, NY, with distribution centers worldwide. Uniblitz shutters can be found in optical systems ranging from space telescopes and satellites, to microscopes and video cameras. Feel free to contact us to learn more about Uniblitz and how we may assist you with your application. See what 50 years of innovation can do for you!