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Optical Shutters

Since 1969, Uniblitz optical and laser shutter systems have led the industry worldwide, addressing numerous demanding applications on earth and in space.

Uniblitz shutter systems are made up of eight unique series: CS, DSS, LS, NS, RS, TS, VS, and XRS.

If you're having trouble finding a device suitable for your application, please browse our custom capabilities or contact us today for further assistance.

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CS Shutter Series

The CS shutter series is a result of 40 years of manufacturing experience and knowledge and a vision to create a long lasting shutter. The CS Shutter series is of special interest to applications where specific constraints require a smaller format than other Vincent Associates shutters such as the VS shutter series.

Interested in the CS shutter series but need to make some modifications for your next applications? We can help; our custom capabilities solutions enable customers to get the right shutter to fit each of their unique needs. Learn more about our custom capabilities.

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DSS Shutter Series

The DSS (Design Scalable Shutters) are a series of patented devices that have proven to have an extremely high level of reliability within any application. The level of reliability enables Vincent Associates to provide a 2,000,000 exposure guarantee and provides an even higher level of assurance in critical customer applications.

All DSS shutter systems can be modified, contact us for further assistance or visit our custom capabilities page and complete a custom application custom capabilities today.

* Some shutters devices in the DSS series are covered under one or more United States or Foreign patents. Click here to learn more.

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LS Shutter Series

The LS shutter series are designed for high-speed operations in both exposure and frequency. To learn more about high speed shutters click here.

The LS series includes the LS2, LS3, and LS6. Each shutter in the LS series incorporates our unique, constant force linear actuator and can be driven with our existing shutter driver.

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NS Shutter Series

Looking for long operational life time without all of the unneeded parts? The UNIBLITZ® NS Series has proven to be a popular shutter series within the OEM application.

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RS Shutter Series

The RS series is the newest shutter system manufactured by Vincent Associates. The RS20B is the first in UNIBLITZ® shutter systems line that is a 20mm bi-stable rectangular aperture. This new shutter device configuration is based upon our "TS" patented actuator technology.

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TS Shutter Series

The TS2B and the TS6B are products of the latest technology available from UNIBLITZ®. Each of these devices are based on a newly patented actuator that provides an alternative to a motorized flag shutter. TS shutter systems are designed and built with an aperture in the center to enable the overall device to be mounted concentrically, which reduces the overall envelope. There are no protruding components from the mounting surface allowing these devices to be easily integrated into user applications.

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VS Shutter Series

The UNIBLITZ ® VS Series is one of Vincent Associates legacy products. The VS Series includes the VS14, VS25, and VS35. Because of  their unique design and capabilities this revolutionary series has set Vincent Associates apart from all other competition in the world. The characteristics of each of the VS shutters encompass speed, dependability, and quality that enable customers with the most challenging applications to have the best-fit shutter for their products.

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XRS Shutter Series

The UNIBLITZ® XRS shutter series includes XRS6, XRS14, and XRS25. The XRS series was designed because Vincent Associates wanted to provided its customers using x -rays, the ability to switch x-ray energy with the same ease and reliability as our other products which control light energy.

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Optical Shutters: Asking the Right Questions

Posted by Stephen Pasquarella - 4/13/16

Answering specific questions can help detect the need for a shutter... Read More

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