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In addition to our custom capabilities for shutters, Vincent Associates can also help to provide the following custom shutter related items;

NORMALLY OPEN SHUTTER CONFIGURATIONS: Specific shutters in the UNIBLITZ® line can be configured normally open, closing upon actuation. Most of our uni-stable type shutters can be configured normally open by special order.

ALTERNATIVE SHUTTER ACTUATOR COILS: Specific operating requirements may require the shutter actuator coils to be re-configured. If your application requires operation at other than use with our standard drivers, alternate actuator coils are available or can be provided on special order.

BENCH TOP / OEM SHUTTER DRIVER: We have available a varied line of shutter drivers that have been used in many different applications. Designed to be powered from AC or DC voltages, we may have a design for your specific requirement. If not, we can design a shutter driver to fit your specifications, outline configuration, and additional special requirements specific to your application.

CUSTOM CABLES: If we do not have the proper cable type or length for your specific application, we can provide varied lengths, connectors and other special modifications required for your shutter system.

ALTERNATE MOUNTING OPTIONS: We have a large selection of standard mounting options for several types of microscopes and video systems. If our standard systems will not fit your application, we can (and have) designed special mounting systems for the most complex applications.

Using the form provided under the "Custom Applications" tab, use the Additional Comments section to provide us with specifications for requirements in addition to your specific shutter design. You can also contact us directly with your special custom needs. Give us an opportunity to provide for your unique shutter application!

Submit your Custom Work Sheet to learn more about what Vincent Associates can do for you.

Contact Information

Company Name

Target Specifications

Additional Comment
Required Fields

Custom Capabilities Reference Terms

Aperture Size

Provide the opening required from the center of the shutter. Specify as a diameter or rectangular dimensions (lxw)*rectangular dimensions will require a custom design. Please provide applicable units.


If there is a target weight the shutter must meet, state here with applicable units.

Overall Dimensions

Specify the envelope size the shutter will be required to fit into. If 3d cad models are available this would be greatly helpful. At a minimum provide rough volume dimensions.

Power Requirements

Specify the power available to drive the shutter. For uni-stable drives the shutter requires an initial pulse to open followed by a lower hold current. Bi-stable drives require a pulse to open and a separate pulse to close. If a schematic of an existing driver circuit is available please provide it to our engineers for analysis.


Indicate your expected lifetime in number of shutter cycles. One cycle is full open, full close of the shutter blades. Typical expected lifetime for standard products is about 1,000,000 cycles however certain modifications can substantially enhance this number.

Temperature Range

Provide the thermal range the shutter will be required to withstand. If the shutter has an operating range and a storage range please provide both with applicable units. Also provide any mil-specs that relate to temperature requirements.

Opening Time

Provide the maximum allowable time for the shutter blades to open from a fully closed position after the shutter receives an open signal.

Closing Time

Provide the maximum allowable closing time for the shutter blades to close from a fully open position after the shutter close signal is received.


If the shutter is to be used in a harsh mechanical environment provide shock and vibration profiles the shutter will be subject to. Provide any pertinent mil-specs.

Timeframe Needed

Identify when you expect to receive parts. Standard products ship in approximately 4 weeks aro. Custom designs will vary depending on the level of departure from a standard product design.

Normally Open

If your shutter will be required to remain closed when power is removed specify normally closed. If you prefer an open aperture when power is removed specify normally open. For the shutter to maintain position when power is removed specify bi-stable.


Determine how many shutters will be required. For recurring orders provide quantities per month or per year over a specified time span.

Blade Coating

Vincent Associates offers a number of blade coatings depending on your application. Our standard coating is black Teflon® coated on stainless steel. For higher powered light sources we use AlSiO (z) or AlMgF2(zm) reflective coating over a BeCu substrate. Shutters used for infrared non-uniformity correction utilize a highly emissive (>90%) matte black coating.


Please specify your budgeted amount or target price per shutter if known. For custom designs additional non-recurring engineering charges may also apply.

Listed in this section are a few custom created products or custom modified products that may help to illustrate how we have assisted with unique solutions for customer specific applications. Please contact us and ask how we can help in your specific application. We will also update these pages from time to time with other unique applications or illustrate specific products that could be useful for you particular shutter application.

Based on VCM-D1 Shutter Driver

Based on VS14 Shutter System

Based on VS25 Shutter System

Based on VS25 Shutter System

Based on VS35 Shutter System

Based on VS14 Shutter System

Based on LS6 Shutter System

Based on CS45 Shutter System

Optical Shutters: Asking the Right Questions

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