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VED24 Single Channel Bi-Stable/Uni-stable Driver

Uniblitz VED24 Driver
Uniblitz VED24 Driver
Uniblitz VED24 Driver
Model Number: VED24
Lead Time: 4-5 week lead time
List Price $850.00

Looking for a CE certified VED24? Click here.


The Uniblitz VED24, or Versatile Electronic Driver, provides simple, straightforward shutter control. The device is compatible with both uni-stable and bi-stable shutter devices. Operation options include manual shutter control, external triggering, and remote computer interfacing. Exposure is determined by external pulse (Active-Low, TTL), computer interface, or switch contact. 

See the VED24 User Manual for additional information regarding this device. The VED24 is RoHS compliant.

What's Included

  • VED24 Shutter Driver
  • Manual (included on flash drive)
  • PS24 +24 VDC, 40W, Power Supply w/ US line cord
  • 510F Shutter Interconnect Cable (3.0 m)
  • USB-AB Cable (1.0 m)
  • 5M203D Adapter
  • 701A-S5 Adapter

Shutter Compatibility

VS141 LS21 CS251 DSS10B TS2B NS15B XRS61
VS251 LS31 CS351 DSS20B TS6B NS25B XRS141
VS351 LS61 CS451 DSS25B   NS25S1 XRS251
    CS651 DSS35B   NS35B  
    CS901     NS45B  

1 Will require “E” option for VED24 compatibility.

Don't see your device listed above? Please contact us for information regarding the compatibility of other shutter devices.

System Characteristics

For more detailed specifications, see the complete VED24 user manual.

System Characteristics
Repeat Exposure Minimum time between exposures is determined by shutter used and open close pulse duration.
Shutter Drive Continuously variable frequency of exposures from DC to the shutter's maximum rate
  Maximum peak pulse power: 41 W  
  Pulse voltage Max.: +18VDC Max  
  Pulse current Max.:  2.25A  (Test conditions: 18 Volts, 8? - not continuous)  
Power Requirements +24VDC, PS24 Included, AC power supply.
  Required AC Input:  100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz  
  Power Supply Output: +24 VDC, 1.67A, 40W  
  Input Plug (to VED24 Controller): 2 mm DC plug, Center is positive  
Pulse Input (BNC) Active-low  
  Input impedance: 1K Ohms  
  Maximum source current: 100 µA  
  Maximum sink current: 1 µA  
  Minimum pulse width determined by applicable shutter  
  Maximum pulse width unlimited  
  TTL compatible:
  • Minimum high-level: +2.0 VDC
  • Maximum low-level: +0.8 VDC
SYNC Output (BNC) Active-high  
  Maximum source current: 3.0 mA  
  Maximum sink current: 20 mA  
  Maximum low-level: +0.5 VDC  
  Minimum high-level: +4.5 VDC. This output becomes active when shutter used is equipped with an electronic synchronization sensor.  
General Size (HWD) 1.61 x 5.47 x 4.6 inches (41.0 x 139.0 x 116.8 mm)

Weight 12.27 oz. (.35kg)
Included Power Supply (PS24) Input 100/240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Output +24VDC, 1.67A, 40W
RoHS compliant
CE certification pending


Front Panel Layout

Front Panel  

Power LED Indicator(1)         
A green LED indicating that DC power is being provided to the unit.
Driver LED Indicator (2) A green LED indicating when the internal shutter driver circuit input has an active signal present. 
Sync. LED Indicator (3) Indicates status of Solid State Synchronization output. This yellow LED is illuminated when shutter's electronic sync sensor is activated. Functions only if the shutter used is equipped with the Solid State Synchronization system.
N.O./N.C. Toggle switch (4) The N.O./N.C. switch acts to invert the shutter operation. The position of this switch determines shutter status BEFORE a trigger signal is received by VED24.  In the N.C. position the shutter will be triggered open by an input pulse signal.  In the N.O. position the shutter will be triggered closed. 
Pulse Input BNC (5) Allows control of the shutter exposure and frequency from a TTL signal source. The pulse duration determines the shutter exposure interval.  The frequency of the signal presented to this input determines the frequency of shutter exposures. This input is active low.
Function Switches: Four edge-actuated piano-DIP slide switches (6)

a.         Switch 1 is used to select the LOCAL or REMOTE status of the controller.  The LOCAL (up) control deactivates all external control of the shutter from the PULSE INPUT or THE USB Input.  The REMOTE (down) restores all normal external functions.

b.         Switch 2 is used to select the voltage level provided to the internal shutter driver.  Standard  +10.7VDC is provided in the (up) position, +18VDC is provided in the (down) position.  The chart in Figure #X indicates the voltage level for the particular shutter used.

c.         Switch 3 allows the user to select between uni-stable (down) and bi-stable (up) modes .  The chart in Figure #X indicates the voltage level for the particular shutter used.

d.         Switch 4 allows selection of the PULSE DURATION settings as indicated in Figure #X.  Pulse set #1 is selected with this switch in the (up) position.  Pulse set #2 is selected with this switch in the (down) position.  See Figure #X for a summary of the timing selections available.

Pulse Duration Rotary Switch (7) Rotation of the 8-position octal rotary switch (labeled 0 to 7) selects the duration of the drive 

Rear Panel Layout

Rear Panel
USB Serial Control Port (1) Provides access to the VED24 USB interface allowing the user to control functions via commands sent from a computer serial USB port.  The INPUT jack accepts commands directly from a computer’s USB port. This is a listen only device and the status of the sync is not avaialbe at this time.
SYNC Output BNC (2) This output is for shutters equipped with the Electronic Synchronization (SYNC) System option. The shutter’s internal sync circuit sets the BNC output to an active state when the sync sensor becomes energized. The output goes active when the shutter reaches 80% of full open, and goes to the inactive state when the shutter reaches 20% closed. The front panel SYNC LED (yellow) illuminates when the shutter’s electronic sync is active. This output is an active low signal.
Shutter Output (3) A 5-pin SwitchCraft male push-lock type connector.  
DC Power Connector (4) A 2 mm jack for DC POWER input from the PS24 Power Supply (provided).  Center terminal is PLUS (+).
ON/OFF Power Switch (5) Power switch – lower (“0”) position is “OFF”, upper (“1”) position is “ON”

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