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TS2B 2mm Laser Shutters

TS2B Laser Shutter System view 1
TS2B Laser Shutter System view 1
TS2B Laser Shutter System view 2
Blade Finish
Model Number: TS2B1T0
Lead Time: 4-5 week lead time

Please contact us for availability.

Email when available

This product has been discontinued, though it may still be available by special order. 

Please contact us for more information. 

This device is now RoHS compliant by default. Please contact us for further information.


The UNIBLITZ® TS2B is a bi-stable 2 mm aperture design that has eliminated the external protruding actuator and has no external components. The reliability of this device has been enhanced by reducing the moving parts count to only two (the rotor and the blade). This new "direct-drive" system eliminates all linkages between the actuator and the shutter blade. When paired with the ED12DSS shutter driver , the TS2B will provide reliability in a device that is only 1.050 inches in diameter.

The TS2B can be equipped with reflective blades to provide the ability to switch high-intensity light sources. This option protects the shutter blades by reflecting the energy away from the blade surface. Two standard reflective blade options are available, “Z” (AlSiO) and “ZM” (AlMgF2).

Standard termination is to a 2-pin JST connector (S2B-PH-SM4-TB) via a 4 inch flex interconnects. For OEM applications an adapter is available to convert the flex connector to flying leads.

The TS2B can also be mounted to a standard ¼-20 post when using the #134 post mount adapter. Future availability includes the addition of the electronic sync and the capability to utilize existing mounting systems and hardware.


  • Bi-stable operation significantly reduces power, only requires power to switch shutter’s state.
  • Innovative actuator system radically reduces moving parts to increase reliability.
  • Low voltage/current operation.
  • TS2B Small form factor: 2 mm aperture, 1.050 inch outer diameter and .190 inches thick.
  • Typical transfer time on opening – 0.68msec.
  • Exposure repetition rates from DC – 100Hz.
  • Mounting: Flat mounting surfaces on both sides of the device - simple to mount.
  • Can be ¼-20 post mounted with the #134 post mount adapter.
  • Replacement for conventional flag-type flag shutters: Unlike conventional flag shutter devices, TS-series shutters can be centered on an existing aperture significantly reducing the overall space required for a given application.
  • Blade options: Reflective blades available; “Z” (AlSiO) and “ZM” (AlMgF2). To switch high energy light sources. Other coating options may be available upon request.
  • Driver: Special driver not required. Recommended driver, the UNIBLITZ® ED12DSS.
  • The TS2B is terminated to a 2-pin JST connector (S2B-PH-SM4-TB) via a 4 inch flex interconnect.
  • Scalable design: TS series simple design allows scaling for aperture sizes not presently available. Please use the custom capabilities worksheet for your particular application.
  • Alternate blade material available by special order for x-ray or other customer applications.
  • Only two unique moving parts, the rotor and the blade.


(Click to view the complete Electrical Comparison Chart)

8 OHMS +10.7 VDC N/A



(Click to view the complete Mechanical Comparison Chart)

5.5g -10 to +65°C 5% 5% 20 HZ  /85 HZ 1

2 (CONT/BURST) CONTinuous frequency rating specified at shutter’s minimum exposure pulse. BURST frequency rating specified for (4) four seconds maximum with (1) one minute minimum between bursts. Frequency measurements are taken in free air, 25°C ambient, actuator coil equipped with heat sink. For additional information on maximum sustained frequencies obtainable, please contact one of our technical representatives.


(Click to view the complete Timing Comparison Chart)

The following chart lists typical timing values (msec.) using UNIBLITZ® drive equipment and measured with UNIBLITZ® shutters equipped with standard black Teflon® coated shutter blades.

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Timing Segment    Timing(msec)
0-A:                         Delay time on opening after current is applied 1.2
A-C: Transfer time on opening 0.9
0-C: Total opening time 2.1
C-E: Min. dwell time with min. input pulse 3.9
B-F: Min. equivalent exp. time 6.0
D-E: Delay time on closing after current is applied 1.2
E-G: Transfer time on closing 0.9
A-G: Total window time 6.9
MET: Min. exposure time 6.0
TEP: Typical exposure pulse >6.0

The question regarding enhancement of shutter speed with the application of user supplied lubricants has been repeatedly asked. It is our experience that lubricating the shutter blades will actually slow the shutter down and eventually render the shutter inoperable. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY TYPE OF LUBRICANT BE APPLIED TO THE SHUTTER BLADE AREA.

Timing data recorded with ED12DSS driver.

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The UNIBLITZ® TS2B is designed with a low-profile and flat surfaces for easy integration into your system. Three countersunk mounting holes are provided for use with 0-80 FH screws. The body of the shutter measures 1.150” in diameter and only .190” thick. There are no protrusions of any kind outside of the main envelope.

A standard shutter is terminated by a 2-pin JST header (S2B-PH-SM4-TB). The connector is mounted on a 4” flexible circuit. Alternatively, the shutter can be purchased with 18” flying leads (30 AWG) attached to the end of the 4” flexible circuit (“L” specification). The 5M203D adapter is required when controlling the TS2B with a ED12DSS driver.

Optical Blade Finish 

(Click to view the complete Optical Comparison Chart)

.3-.4µm (microns)
      .4-.75µm (microns)             
.75-10.6µm (microns)
(Z) AlSiO     (ZM) AlMgF2 (Z) AlSiO    (ZM) AlMgF2 (Z) AlSiO   (ZM) AlMgF2
N/A 2.5 W/mm2 5 W/mm2 2.5 W/mm2 2.5 W/mm2 2.5 W/mm2

Blade Samples are available upon request.

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